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Home Health care Case Manager

Home-Helpers-Hiring-RN-Case-ManagerHome Helpers is east Idaho’s top-quality company for excellence in senior home care. Our company is a locally possessed, nationally acknowledged, leading company that strives to exceed objectives.

We have recently broadened our solutions and are usually additionally a Medicare certified Home Health agency including skilled medical, physical treatment, work-related therapy, personal work, etc. to help expand assist our clients with staying separate in their own personal domiciles.

We are searching for an RN situation Manager for Residence Health who'll supply management when you look at the care of our clients. The perfect candidate should be a self-directed, skilled Home Health professional with a passion for taking good care of our clients and assisting our company consistently develop and be successful.

Minimal Skills

  • Present RN permit inside state of Idaho
  • Management knowledge about a Medicare certified Home Health Agency
  • A desire for leading and building an excellent residence health program


  • Competitive wages
  • Paid time off
  • 401K
  • Wellness & Dental Insurance
  • Flexible Schedules

To Put On

  • Please answer this publishing together with your resume and cover letter
  • Apply on line, click on the green Utilize button with this web page
  • otherwise deliver your application products to:
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