Case management is an area of

Case Manager Certification for nursing


Occupational wellness Nursing Case Management is the process of matching comprehensive medical solutions, after infection or damage, to quickly attain maximum quality attention delivered in an economical fashion. The method combines evaluation, planning, execution, and evaluation elements. OHNs as situation managers provide all or a percentage of these solutions and coordination of all attention delivered. (AAOHN, 2013)

The occupational health nursing assistant case supervisor coordinates the proactive attempts associated with medical care group to facilitate a person customer's health care solutions from the start of injury or infection to safe return to work or optimal alternative. Case management includes the introduction of preventive methods while the mobilization of appropriate sources for treatment throughout the health event. Care is delivered aided by the aim of coming back the employee to pre-illness or pre-injury purpose or to the highest standard of functioning attainable.

The work-related health nursing assistant instance manager may coordinate services for employees with both occupational and non-occupational circumstances, as well as dependents included in the business's advantage program. These services is delivered through multiple models, in other words., on-site, telephonic, off-site, or a mix thereof. Case management facilitates safe and prompt return-to-work and leads to financial savings.


To produce Case Management certification, qualified prospects must be effective on a 100-question multiple-choice computer system based assessment. The exams are available at 190 websites for the United States. For a listing of examination sites make use of this hyperlink once you get to the website click "Candidates", then select "medical" and then click on "United states Board for Occupational wellness Nurses".

Prospects have actually two hours to complete the evaluation.

The evaluation is created and revised by the Board of administrators in assessment with an expert evaluation service. Examination questions are authored by a panel of licensed work-related health nursing assistant case supervisors, are edited by experts in evaluating and evaluation and therefore are authorized by the Board. The evaluation content is dependent on the outcome of analysis designed to identify the tasks and knowledge expected to practice within the specialty of work-related health nursing case administration. This method has resulted in a valid and extremely reliable assessment.


Case Management Evaluation

Existing Active Status


Present RN Licensure or international equivalent


Continuing Education just in case Control

10 contact hours before 5 years

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