16AUG 2020
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Hollywood smile

Whitening and leveling the color of tooth enamel is a popular aesthetic procedure in the field of dentistry. A bright smile is associated with health, success, and a high standard of living. Unfortunately, only a few can boast of a "Hollywood" shade of enamel. Changing and darkening the color of teeth affects everyone, and therefore the procedure for teeth whitening Miami and changing the tone of tooth enamel has become so popular.

Slightly brightening the tone of tooth enamel can transform the appearance, especially with a bright wide smile. The contrast between skin and teeth color creates the desired “Hollywood” effect. The face looks fresher and healthier.

However, it is not recommended to overuse whitening, as it can lead to tooth hypersensitivity. It is better to visit the tone restoration procedures from time to time than to carry out radical whitening every few years.

21JAN 2019
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Let's talk braces

Have you been dreaming of a gorgeous smile and envied those people who have perfect teeth for a long time? You definitely need invisalign leeds! Orthodontic leeds have a special design that literally encircles the teeth, can be fixed, and maybe not (depending on the variety).

They are used to correct the bite and improper location of the teeth. More often they are installed in adolescence and childhood, but modern medicine allows you to get rid of dental problems with smile being an adult by this method.

It should be remembered that healthy teeth are less prone to the formation of dental tartar, accretion, caries. This is explained by the fact that there are no gaps that will be difficult to clean with a brush and dental floss. Straight teeth, correct bite and a beautiful smile are good from the aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of health.

05AUG 2018
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Why not to try chiropractic?

Chiropractic is one of the most ancient methods of treating various diseases. Magic movements of the hands of a specialist help to adjust the work of the spine, muscles, joints and internal organs. The technique is based on the belief that diseases most often appear because of a violation of the correct location of bones, which disrupts the work of the nervous system. Chiropractic is a specially developed method based on push and pressure manual movements of different power and duration. The doctor introduces on the basis of the ratios and the spine, creating a normal physiological condition, considering the blockage of motions. Sometimes people believe that chiropractic concerns only diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But in fact, chiropractic is a much broader concept.

Chiropractic is a method of diagnosis and treatment which is very well developed in the US, especially in recent decades. Modern people, spending most of their lives on the computer screen, have their upper back permanently immobilized. Because of this, a back pain appears. Chiropractic facilitates muscle pain and softens the stiffness of the joints. Patients often report a general feeling of well-being and a significant reduction in stress. Of course, this is not a panacea, but why not try a method that has been tested by centuries of practice? But you will face a great problem. There are so many clinics and medical centers offering different chiropractic services. How to choose the best one?

Advanced Physical Medicine is ready to become your most reliable personal injury chiropractor. This is a unique clinic with a great experience. A wonderful professional team is ready to help you. Do you need a rehabilitation after an accident? Are you worried about a sport injury? Arm and shoulder pain, neck or back pain. The specialists will take care of your body. You will regain your lost passion for life. No more stress, no more depression. Advanced Physical Medicine offers the necessary services for different patients, they will help both children and adults, even seniors. Would you like to get more information about the clinic? Visit the website of Advanced Physical Medicine and meet the team of professionals. Learn more about services and prices. Ask any questions you want. Read the clients' testimonials. Don't hesitate, Advanced Physical Medicine is what you need. Welcome!

23JAN 2018
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How to prolong youth

Entering the age of forty, many women and men notice changes in appearance and their health. This happens because this period has a dangerous decrease in the level of female and male sex hormones, and it affects health in general. Hormone replacement therapy solves many problems - from eliminating depression to youth prolongation for many years. A failure in production of androgens leads to serious complications in the male body, that is why hormone replacement therapy for men may be a great salvation, and women without health threats can easily survive menopause with its unpleasant symptoms.

Many women need extra hormones, but not all resort to them for fear of side effects. Gynecologists claim that the modern hormones for women do not pose a threat, and the fears inspired by myths about the dangers of hormone replacement therapy. Doctors note many of the benefits of treatment with medication containing hormones. By experiments it is proved that the cases of cardiovascular diseases are less common in women taking modern hormonal medications, than those who do not accept this treatment.

Hormone therapy for men after 40 years is almost a natural process, but sometimes younger people may need this treatment. Aging causes decrease in testosterone production by endocrine glands not always. No less dangerous is the overabundance of iron in the body, which will suppress testosterone. Malfunction of the pituitary gland, a number of medicines, chronic diseases, including alcohol and tobacco inhibit the production of vital androgen.

A month after starting replacement therapy increases resistance to stress, increase endurance during exercise and decrease cholesterol levels. Substitution therapy has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It reduces in older patients the symptoms of heart failure, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the number of stenocardia attacks.

It is important to remember that treatment with hormone replacement therapy must undergo a series of examinations. Selection of hormonal therapy is individual in nature and cannot be assigned on your own. Problems with excessive levels of androgen are likely to occur with young people interested in sports and physical perfection of the body. They abused testosteronesteroid medications that have a negative impact on their health. This is no joke, and the selection of such means should only be performed by a doctor strictly for medical reasons.

15SEP 2017
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How to Choose Healthcare Products

When it comes to health issues, quality of products we use is very important. There are a lot of companies that produce various healthcare products, as well as there are a lot of distributors who supply these products to us. It is important to understand that not all of these companies and not all products they produce are created equal, so that is why learning about the quality of this or that healthcare product is so important.

New products are coming onto the market every day. Too often, manufacturers play with your emotions to advertise you their products. They can tell you that their products will make you look more beautiful, feel healthier and happier, younger, sexier, whatever. So if you want to ensure the quality of particular healthcare product you are going to buy, we provide you with some tips that can help you.

1. Know the Truth about Organic Products

Though organic products are believed to be the healthiest, it is important to understand that "organic" on the label does not mean that the product is good. Note that all those products with high percentage of organic on the label are aimed at those people who do not know that it is impossible for more than 30-40% of the ingredients to be organic, except for organic oil.

2. Know the Truth about Hypoallergenic Products

The same to "organic", "hypoallergenic" on the label does not say anything about the product. The thing is that even hypoallergenic products can actually cause allergy reactions. The truth is that there are no standards defining hypoallergenic.

3. Know the Truth about Natural Products

It is believed that products labeled "natural" are supposed to be made of ingredients from natural sources. The truth is that there are no industry standards for what "natural" means. So when you see "natural" on the label note that the product you are going to buy may contain all a few natural ingredients added to a synthetic product. There are even some cases when there are no natural ingredients at all.

4. Check Ingredients List

You have to pay a lot of attention to the list of ingredients as it is the best way to ensure that the product you are going to buy is safe and healthy. The ingredient list is not what manufacturers what you to read on the label.

5. Read Reviews

One of the easiest ways to ensure the quality of some particular product is reading reviews. There are such sources as Sociallution that provide independent, unbiased reviews of healthcare products and supplements, so you can learn which one will be the best for you.

15AUG 2017

Some recommendations for anal fissure prevention

Those, who are frequently interested in health issues could hear or read about hemorrhoids. But most of the people didn′t know that the itching, burning and even bleeding in the anus can cause the disease of the veins or anal fissure. The disease can last up to month and pertain surgical pathology. The fissure has a linear form, having the location on the mucosa of the anal canal or on the skin of the anus. It can be of different depth and length.

In France, during a national survey, it was found that 40% of the French population, in the age of more than 15 years, faced with anorectal symptoms (bleeding, pain, constipation and incontinence) of so - called in French origin fissure anale, which demands diagnosis and treatment.

Most of these symptoms are the consequence of malnutrition. In some situations anal fissure ceases to disturb the patient after the appointment of a balanced and rational diet. But to follow the dietary requirements one should know the causes of this illness:
- disruption of the digestive system;
- rectum injury;
- constipation;
- diarrhea;
- irritation of the mucous membranes;
- chronic diseases: (gastritis, peptic ulcer, colitis, cholecystitis).

The basic rules that are important to follow in the way of getting over an illness include smaller meals, which means that it is better to eat frequently (every 2-3 hours), but with small portions. In addition, one needs to drink in a day not less than 2 liters of water and accordingly stops smoking and drinking alcohol.

The studies, carried out by the proctologists, showed, that regular exercises influence the work of intestine and prevent the development of anal fissure. They help to eliminate constipation, which usually cracks the anus. Doing exercises like yoga, swimming, running or walking are the best ways. Sport is especially important if the patient leads a sedentary lifestyle. If one is not able to work out, and sit on a chair for long periods of time, he can stand up and walk periodically.

Before visiting the rest room, as well as in any free time it is recommended to perform exercises to strengthen the press and stimulation of work of intestine. To do this, one need to suck the belly with a deep breath and hold breathing, then with quick exhale "throw" the abdomen forward. This exercise should be done 7-10 times, at least three or four times a day.

Following all these recommendations, it is possible to feel good and the problem of anal fissure will never disturb.

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