13SEP 2022

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How to Get a Health Care Provider

A decent Healthcare Professional provider ensures interests of the client of the healthcare service, takes care of both the specialist doctor and the patient, respecting confidentiality.

The main function of the health care provider in relation to the patient is the ability to coordinate all the needs of the client in medical care. There must be a PMB (prescribed minimum benefit) guarantee.

The main function of health care provider in relation to medical professionals is to address the main issues related to the provision of:

  • premises,
  • medical equipment,
  • computer non-medical equipment,
  • consumables,
  • cleaning,
  • administrative management,
  • other important points, without which the productive provision of medical aid is not possible.

The health care provider must be able to quickly adapt to the changing situation and new needs of both patients and medical professionals.

01MAY 2022

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Consumers Corner In A Medical Organization

The consumer's corner is an important place that is recommended to be created before the clinic opens. Poster holders are widely used here. The information board is regulated by law.

The information that a client may need should be located where the clinic's patients can easily find it. The convenient location means that visitors will be comfortable to access the necessary information.

Information should not be placed in a showcase, where shelves are covered with glass walls. The client will not be able to access the documents without contacting the clinic staff.

The most rational thing is to use a wall information board with plastic pockets for documents. You can also place information in poster holders or in a special folder.

04APR 2022

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Why our brain loves risky

People are attracted to gambling, whether it be choosing stocks or playing slot machines. Gambling expert Dr. Luke Clark explains that this is more of a feature than a bug in our “firmware”.

Dopamine and games

The fact is that gambling behavior is associated with the dopamine system in the brain. A surge of the hormone can be caused by any activity that has brought results, that was somehow useful to us. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters produced by the endocrine cells of the brain. Any moments that bring joy to a person – playing vsmb.vn, delicious food, pleasant smells, communication with a pet, long-awaited rest - are accompanied by the release of this biologically active substance into the blood.

01FEB 2022

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Rejuvenation without medical intervention

We all want to be beautiful and healthy and often resort to various medical methods, sometimes radical ones: pills, injections, operations. Now there is an opportunity to become fresher and younger thanks to a non-operative method Rejuran Healer.

What is it?

Rejuran Healer is a procedure that has been gaining popularity in recent years. We still can't give up hyaluronic acid-based products, but now we have another powerful tool for rejuvenation.

It is a preparation of biological molecules called polynucleotides (PNs). The PN molecule is a biopolymer consisting of 13 or more nucleotide monomers linked together. You may remember from school that nucleotides are the basic building blocks of DNA!

What are the main effects of Rejuran Healer?

  • Wound healing through stimulation of growth factors and increased microcirculation.
  • Antiphlogistic action - through the elimination of free radicals and blocking the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body.

Maybe you should start thinking about how to make your skin better now?

21JUN 2021

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Glitter can be good for your health

Glitter is in trend today. They are used in cosmetics, cooking, and interior decoration. The use of glitter may not always be approved from a medical point of view. Experts do not recommend using too many glitters in cosmetics, as this can cause allergic reactions. Inedible glitter as food decoration should also be used with care. But glitter as a material for various crafts is even useful.

Don't hesitate to purchase glitter in bulk on the Internet. Everyone knows that the development of fine motor skills contributes to the development of speech and intelligence, so working with small particles is useful for children. And for adults, this is a way to prevent the weakening of thinking and memory, get rid of problems with mobility and sensitivity of the fingers. It has long been noted that those who have a hobby of using small particles, such as glitter, maintain a clear mind and good health for longer.

16AUG 2020
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Hollywood smile

Whitening and leveling the color of tooth enamel is a popular aesthetic procedure in the field of dentistry. A bright smile is associated with health, success, and a high standard of living. Unfortunately, only a few can boast of a "Hollywood" shade of enamel. Changing and darkening the color of teeth affects everyone, and therefore the procedure for teeth whitening Miami and changing the tone of tooth enamel has become so popular.

Slightly brightening the tone of tooth enamel can transform the appearance, especially with a bright wide smile. The contrast between skin and teeth color creates the desired “Hollywood” effect. The face looks fresher and healthier.

However, it is not recommended to overuse whitening, as it can lead to tooth hypersensitivity. It is better to visit the tone restoration procedures from time to time than to carry out radical whitening every few years.

05AUG 2018
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Why not to try chiropractic?

Chiropractic is one of the most ancient methods of treating various diseases. Magic movements of the hands of a specialist help to adjust the work of the spine, muscles, joints and internal organs. The technique is based on the belief that diseases most often appear because of a violation of the correct location of bones, which disrupts the work of the nervous system. Chiropractic is a specially developed method based on push and pressure manual movements of different power and duration. The doctor introduces on the basis of the ratios and the spine, creating a normal physiological condition, considering the blockage of motions. Sometimes people believe that chiropractic concerns only diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But in fact, chiropractic is a much broader concept.

Chiropractic is a method of diagnosis and treatment which is very well developed in the US, especially in recent decades. Modern people, spending most of their lives on the computer screen, have their upper back permanently immobilized. Because of this, a back pain appears. Chiropractic facilitates muscle pain and softens the stiffness of the joints. Patients often report a general feeling of well-being and a significant reduction in stress. Of course, this is not a panacea, but why not try a method that has been tested by centuries of practice? But you will face a great problem. There are so many clinics and medical centers offering different chiropractic services. How to choose the best one?

Advanced Physical Medicine is ready to become your most reliable personal injury chiropractor. This is a unique clinic with a great experience. A wonderful professional team is ready to help you. Do you need a rehabilitation after an accident? Are you worried about a sport injury? Arm and shoulder pain, neck or back pain. The specialists will take care of your body. You will regain your lost passion for life. No more stress, no more depression. Advanced Physical Medicine offers the necessary services for different patients, they will help both children and adults, even seniors. Would you like to get more information about the clinic? Visit the website of Advanced Physical Medicine and meet the team of professionals. Learn more about services and prices. Ask any questions you want. Read the clients' testimonials. Don't hesitate, Advanced Physical Medicine is what you need. Welcome!

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