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Axiom Services

Our service laboratory has actually genotyped several million examples and known as about 650 billion genotypes, enabling our consumers to accomplish their genotyping scientific studies rapidly and affordably. Our staff uses expert familiarity with recommendations to process and evaluate your examples, handle your Axiom and Eureka™ Genotyping providers project from beginning to end, and meet your crucial deadlines. A description of this number of Axiom and Eureka™ Genotyping Services provided by ARSL is listed below.

Axiom® and Eureka™ Genotyping solutions

Axiom® Catalog Range Genotyping Solutions

Our Axiom® Catalog Array Genotyping Services provide hassle-free, high-quality information from any present Axiom® Genome-Wide range Plate for human being programs. Besides, we additionally plan Axiom Agrigenomic pre-designed arrays. Including genotyping services making use of arrays for multiple organisms as well as an assortment in range SNPs from 675, 000 to two million.

Axiom® myDesign™ Range Genotyping Services

Our Axiom® myDesign™ range Genotyping Services enable you to create fully- or semi-customized genotyping arrays containing 1, 500 to 2.6 million markers then ask them to processed by ARSL with similar top-quality and quick turnaround time we provide for our catalog arrays.

Eureka™ Catalog Panel Genotyping Providers for Agrigenomics

Our Eureka Catalog Panel Genotyping Services work collaboratively with clients, supplying a personal touch to produce pursuit targets. Utilizing condition- of- the- art technology, you can easily fast -track your genomic choice program.

Eureka™ myDesign™ Panel Genotyping Services for Agrigenomics

Our Eureka myDesign Panel Genotyping solutions allow you to modify your genotyping panel containing 100 to 3, 000 markers. They'll certainly be processed by ARSL with the same high-quality and fast recovery time we offer for our Eureka catalog panels.

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