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Senior Health Partners provides and coordinates solutions being typically covered by Medicaid and Medicare, including all the wellness, personal, psychological, nutritional, and rehabilitation services you will need.

Coordination implies that we enable you to receive the attention you want through covered solutions. These services might consist of:

  • Aid in arranging healthcare appointments
  • Non-emergency transport
  • Residence medical
  • Personal treatment
  • Rehabilitation therapy whenever clinically needed
  • Nursing homecare
  • Plus
  • If you need support, much of your Care Manager and Care Team can there be available. By joining Senior wellness Partners, you’ll enjoy the safety of coordinated care to help you remain at your physical and mental best.

    Find out more about Senior wellness Partners covered services, eligibility, and how to join up by clicking the tabs above.

  • Care administration
  • Nursing Home care (brief or future)
  • Non-emergency transportation to health solutions
  • Dental treatments
  • Leg treatment, eye treatment, and hearing solutions
  • The advantage information supplied is a quick summary, maybe not a total information of advantages.

    Most of your Care Manager and Care Team may also coordinate medical solutions not covered by Senior wellness Partners to assist you continue to be at your absolute best.

    Coordinated services usually covered by Medicare consist of inpatient and outpatient medical center treatment, prescription and non-prescription medications, and more.

    Perhaps you are entitled to Senior Health Partners if you:

  • Tend to be 21 years of age or older
  • Tend to be a citizen of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, State Island, Nassau County or Westchester County
  • Are Medicaid eligible or private pay*
  • Have the ability to live properly at home with the support of Senior Health Partners
  • Have health issues and restrictions that could qualify you for nursing home level of treatment (for people with Medicaid only)
  • Are required to need one (1) regarding the following Community Based long haul Care solutions (CBLTCS) for over 120 times from the efficient day of registration:
  • medical solutions in your home
  • treatments in the house
  • house health aide solutions
  • private attention services in the house
  • person time healthcare
  • private duty nursing, or
  • Consumer Directed Private Help Solutions
  • Agree to receive all of your covered services through Senior Health Partners
  • For a complete variety of qualifications needs, kindly follow this link. – Just Around The Corner

    *Private pay enrollment is bound and will not affect Staten Island, Nassau, or Westchester county residents.

    We are able to support you in finding a plan that’s right for you. It is possible to:

  • Click the link to fill in an application, and another of your representatives will get in touch with one to answr fully your concerns. We could even make a scheduled appointment to check out you in your house or another location convenient to you
  • Source: healthfirst.org
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