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Brazil Health Care System

Most major metropolitan centers have actually at least one exclusive medical center plus in well-known tourist places you will find generally more.

Foreigners in Brazil will discover that English-speaking basic professionals, dentists and opticians are not always easily available. If in a crisis scenario an English-speaker just isn't available, it's advocated to phone an international hospital.

Brazil’s health solution infra-structure is comprised of federal government wellness services, non-profit health companies (NGOs), therefore the exclusive health sector.

Government-funded medical care

Health care in Brazil is funded by the Brazilian federal government. The Ministry of wellness (Ministério da Saúde) is in charge of general public health solutions, federal government hospitals (also referred to as Municipal Hospitals) and medical solutions. Any appropriate citizens, including international residents, are entitled to free health at a public center or medical center by producing an RG (Brazilian identification card) and an SUS card (Cartão SUS).

Government-funded hospitals and clinics provide good health services. However, federal government hospitals in many cases are crowded as they are free. Waiting times are very long and services may possibly not be as good as the ones that are in private hospitals (such as for instance air-conditioning or certain items of health gear). This is especially true in outlying areas. Around 70 percent of Brazilian residents utilize general public hospitals, even though the sleep choose for exclusive medical center visits, that they often buy themselves or that are covered by private medical care insurance. Foreigners might use hostipal wards but will undoubtedly be recharged for the see.

Around 70 % of Brazilian residents use community hospitals, while the rest opt for exclusive medical center visits, which they often pay money for by themselves or that are included in exclusive health care insurance. Foreign people might use nursing homes but will likely to be recharged for check out.

The Brazilian Government oversees community health programs such Farmácia Preferred whose aim should make essential medications and medications designed for the people (at inexpensive rates) in pharmacies throughout Brazil.

The private industry

All of the nursing homes in Brazil have actually exemplary medical facilities and Brazil is just one of the leading health tourism locations in South America.

Non-profit organizations (NGO)

Brazil has a number of companies set up to help disadvantaged folks in Brazil including the Red Cross (Cruz Vermelha Brasileira). Other agencies feature:

The SUS card (Cartão SUS)

Brazil's Unified wellness System (Sistema Único de Saúde) is normally known simply as SUS. This will be a collective term the public, exclusive, and extra health care systems. To access any of these, an SUS card (Cartão Nacional de Saúde - SUS) will become necessary.

The SUS card has recently already been replaced with a digital National Health recognition card system. The actual only real difference between the old SUS card and new National Health Identification card is the addition of your own identification number. This quantity permits someone's wellness record is accessed via a central database from any public or private hospital inside the Unified wellness System community.

The aim of the card should produce a better system of coordination between community and exclusive industry medical institutions managed by the wellness department (Agência de Saúde Suplementar). Inspite of the new-name, the nationwide wellness Identification Card continues to be commonly named an SUS card.

Simple tips to apply for an SUS card

SUS cards are released by all Brazilian municipal offices, hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers. They may be able be pre-ordered online. The SUS card is given free.

These documents must get an SUS card:

  • A Brazilian identity card or delivery certification. The identification card can be known as a cartão/carteira de identidade, a cédula de identidade, or 'RG' (General Registry, Registro Geral) depending on the Brazilian condition of residence.
  • Proof residence
  • Individual Tax Payers Quantity (Cadastro de Pessoa Física - CPF)
  • Wedding certificate or separation and divorce certificate (where appropriate)

For more information on the SUS card go to the (in Portuguese)

Wellness Portal

As soon as released with an SUS card, holders have the ability to sign up for a code, enabling all of them to access their particular medical documents on line via the (Portal de Saúde do Cidadão, website just obtainable in Portuguese). The user can review their particular documents and add private wellness information like allergies.

  • Find more information on government health treatments and services through the Ministry of Health
  • Saude Brasil is a wellness knowledge web site, which offers helpful information and articles (in Portuguese)
  • More info towards brand-new electric SUS card can be found in the Cartaosus web site (in Portuguese)
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