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United Regional Health Care System

Just before entering the work search, you need to review and take these United Regional Pledge of Excellence. When you review this information, simply click I Accept in the bottom associated with web page and you will certainly be directed to My Job Finder.

Pledge of quality

Our Pledge of quality may be the basis which our tradition is made. Our Standards of Behavior may be known, owned and energized by all existing and prospective employees.

Kindly review the Pledge and after requirements of Behavior before continuing to the application process.

The Pledge:

As a potential worker of United local, i am aware the requirement to embrace United Regional’s enthusiasm to offer quality in health care for the communities they provide and their particular purpose to help make an optimistic difference in the resides of other people. The United Regional Family adheres into five pillars of superiority: folks, Service, Quality, Finance and development, plus they base their particular Standards of Behavior and their particular Pledge of quality on these pillars. By simply making these pillars part of their particular tradition, United Regional’s employees and health staff are working collectively to quickly attain quality in healthcare the communities they serve.


cknowledge the patient

ntroduce your self along with your abilities

D uration…describe the test, amount of the test, and how long until answers are offered

xplanation…explain the examinations, the pain included and what the results are next

T hank You…say “Thank you for selecting United Regional”


  • Introduce your self, welcome everybody else in a friendly way, and continue maintaining eye contact.
  • Smile warmly, treat all customers with self-esteem and respect, be hot and caring.
  • Live because of the “Golden Rule, ” treat other people while you will have them treat you.

Dedication to Co-Workers

  • Make your co-workers look good, not chastising each other in front of staff, patients or site visitors.
  • Reserve individual variations whenever using one another along with other departments.
  • Work together, ask for help whenever required, use terms like, “Can I assist? I have enough time.”
  • Enjoy new workers.
  • Hold both in charge of upholding our requirements of behavior.
  • Thank co-workers for teamwork.


  • Your personal appearance should reflect our dedication to excellence and then leave a lasting effect.
  • Proudly put on your title badge on your torso which means that your name and division are clearly visible all of the time.
  • Maintain a well-groomed look consistent with departmental and organizational policy.
  • Present a positive picture of United Regional through expert look. Adhere to the organizations dress signal plan and comprehend the principles regarding tattoos and body piercings.

Standards — Respect, Compassion and Courtesy

  • Value diversity of viewpoint.
  • Offer extra convenience and reassurance.
  • Be considerate, thoughtful and compassionate.
  • Build into conversations terms like, “We have the time” “I’d be delighted to” “Yes Sir / Yes Ma’am” and “My Pleasure.”

Service — Sensitivity to Customer Waiting

  • Respond to problems and grievances.
  • Inform customers of schedule modifications and delays, continue to upgrade every fifteen minutes.
  • Apologize for inconveniences to the buyer.
  • Make customers comfortable as they tend to be waiting; offer refreshments, reading product, etc.
  • Feature patients in decisions regarding their attention, ask whether they have concerns.

Phone Lights

  • Answer patient’s phone within 5 minutes.
  • Address client by subject and last title.
  • Don't pass a blinking light.
  • Meet with the demand of customers if caregiver is hectic.
  • Reduce a patient’s want to push the decision button by saying, “Is there whatever else I am able to get or do for you? We Have enough time.”

Elevator, Phone and Hallway Etiquette

  • Allow visitors and clients to take the elevator in case it is also full for everyone.
  • Hold the “open” option to create area for other individuals.
  • Make certain conversations work for site visitors and patients to hear.
  • Smile before picking right on up the phone, it'll shine throughout your vocals.
  • Answer calling prior to the 3rd ring.
  • Give your title and division when responding to the phone.
  • Meet customer’s requirements instantly or escort all of them to an individual who often helps them precisely.
  • Be ready along with relevant information when phoning physicians.
Source: www.unitedregional.org
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