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Vibrant Medical Systems

a quickly altering IT infrastructure needed an “IT as a site” approach adapting to changes in network and storage space ability while maintaining reliability, safety and performance.

Dynamic Healthcare Systems is a prominent software and solutions provider for health plans that handle Medicare Advantage and industrial Exchange plans. They supply enterprise amount pc software methods for Medicare positive aspect and Commercial Exchange wellness Plans. Their products or services and solutions assistance resolve the functional, compliance and income administration difficulties of health organizations who offer Medicare services. Dynamic Healthcare techniques is based in Orange County, Ca.

The Business Enterprise Challenge

The primary challenge ended up being making and implementing as IT infrastructure environment for a rapidly developing business in a firmly regulated business. Their core company focus required a high-performance extremely trustworthy IT infrastructure. They necessary to surpass the overall performance requirements accepted by most businesses plus they needed to be in a position to measure quickly as they obtained new clients while keeping complete safety and HIPAA compliance.

How performed Synoptek resolve it?

Synoptek created a strategic IT plan that provides a full-range of enterprise services tailored to fulfill vibrant HealthCare techniques specific requirements. Synoptek aligned the technology vibrant Healthcare Systems required to be successful with the size and complexity of their company. Synoptek after that put together a team of professionals including a CIO, several designers, customer service associates, and procurement experts who came collectively to produce a varied package from it infrastructure, tracking and maintenance solutions for vibrant medical Systems including:

  • Fully managed, scalable, and secure (HIPAA compliant), hosting surroundings for DHS clients.
  • Application help (including database upkeep and complex application implementation procedures)
  • Desktop and system support for corporate users.
  • Definitely secure colocation services.

Advantges of Outsourcing IT to a Managed Service ProviderThe benefits of an IT Outsourced Solution

You don’t build a power plant to come up with energy for an individual business so just why build, train and staff an IT infrastructure to serve just one business. This comparison had beenn’t always legitimate but with the lack of skilled IT staff, increasing capital expenditures for equipment and software therefore the expertise of managed service providers, this comparison is proper.

Hosting solutions is now able to depend on 58% cheaper than internally solutions. Updates and patching tend to be core aspects of expertise for a managed company and can be done in hours instead of months using in-house staff.

Protection dilemmas may better addressed by safety specialists, if you do not have several security experts and a 24×7 Protection Operations Center.

In addition, handled service providers provide written solution amount performance agreements around assistance work desk services, uptime, redundancy and scalability.

Vibrant medical systems discovered the significance of calling inside “experts” with a “deep bench” for a wide-range of IT infrastructure and security compliance dilemmas.

The Outcome

Synoptek and Dynamic medical Systems have formed a genuine partnership.

  • Synoptek will act as an extension of Dynamic medical techniques’ IT staff encouraging corporate users and customers.
  • Synoptek provides an alteration administration procedure to rapidly scale-up and down customer environments as needed.
  • Synoptek works hand and hand to successfully handle expenses without compromising security or producing extra danger.
  • Synoptek guarantees DHS is completely certified with national health regulations.

If you take the full time to arrive at understand vibrant medical techniques and comprehend their unique company difficulties, Synoptek could design and implement the “rightsized” technology methods to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing company.

What's next for Synoptek and Dynamic Healthcare Systems

Synoptek and vibrant medical Systems still develop upon their particular relationship. With usage of best-in-class technology professionals, toolsets, equipment and software, Synoptek provides IT leadership and IT infrastructure services to Dynamic Healthcare Systems. Synoptek in addition has come to be an active participant in product sales presentations to Dynamic Healthcare techniques customers.

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