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Healthcare Customer Service Training

This customer support training course for hospitals, health centers, and lasting treatment services will:

  • Outline requirements of service.
  • Define courtesy in health.
  • Provide tactics for communicating with empathy.
  • Recommend steps for managing upset, puzzled, and scared clients.

Available Formats

  • Meeting Breakout
  • Half-Day Course
  • One-Day Course
  • Two-Day Program
  • Webinar

Program Overview

Customer care in a health environment features a unique pair of difficulties certain to offering first-rate health care and patient satisfaction. Among these challenges tend to be these types of problems as client privacy, large volume, and management of individuals in crisis.

Unlike customer-service communications carried out in non-medical configurations, those involving customers and their own families tend to be additionally stressful because of their good reasons for needing medical assistance.

This customer service training workshop presents participants to both concepts of customer support while the specifics of offering it in a medical environment.

Training topics consist of calming upset customers and households, rephrasing communications like “we don’t know” and “I’m not sure how much much longer this may take, ” and dealing with tough circumstances with full confidence and competence.

Program Targets

At this program's conclusion, individuals should certainly:

  • Differentiate healthcare customer service off their forms of service interactions.
  • Give an explanation for significance of a positive mindset in delivering great customer support.
  • Record the advantages of providing good customer service to both internal and external clients.
  • Identify barriers to providing top-quality customer service.
  • Utilize techniques for dealing with frustrated or upset consumers by successfully answering case researches.
  • Demonstrate just how to effectively request private information.
  • Rephrase dull interaction for better results.
  • Effortlessly manage job tension.
  • Develop an activity plan to boost their customer care skills.
Source: www.businesstrainingworks.com
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