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The State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) is excited to keep with our health partner, Healthways, to present non-Medicare Advantage (MA) program users whom elected blue-cross and Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa) and UnitedHealthcare with extensive well being sources and motivation programs. These members and covered spouses may have access to a number of Healthways’ resources and solutions like the Well-Being Assessment®, Well-Being Connect (a guided internet based internet site), well-being rewards, well-being coaching including cigarette cessation coaching, biometric screenings, onsite activities, sweepstakes, difficulties and even more. To learn more, check out

SHBP non-MA plan users and partners covered under BCBSGa and UnitedHealthcare can each earn around 480 well-being incentive credits only for participating and engaging in healthier tasks – which a household total of up to 960 well being incentive credits. These well-being incentive credits can be utilized for eligible healthcare costs. For detail by detail details about the BCBSGa and UnitedHealthcare Arrange Alternatives, review the SHBP Decision Guides just click here and Summary Arrange Descriptions click here. The 2016 action-based well being incentive credits is attained because the healthier activity is finished and deposited into the member’s BCBSGa HRA Account or BCBSGa HMO MyIncentive Account or in their UnitedHealthcare HMO or HDHP Health Incentive Account monthly. To find out more, visit our health portal at

Note: Participation in the 2016 Healthways Well-Being system isn't applicable to Kaiser Permanente or the Medicare positive aspect Plan Alternatives. But whatever the Plan choice you selected (excluding TRICARE health supplement), all unused well being incentive credits attained while participating in SHBP’s 2015 wellness system will now rollover if you remained enrolled in similar Arrange Option and vendor or changed to another Plan choice and/or seller during Open Enrollment (OE). Please begin to see the area below entitled “Well-Being Incentive Credit Rollover Between Arrange Options and Vendors”.

2016 Well-Being Incentive Credits

To make these well-being incentive credits, complete here activities between January 1, 2016 and December 15, 2016:

1. Assess your quality of life.

Complete your 2016 Healthways Well-Being evaluation® (WBA), a confidential, on the web questionnaire that'll simply take about 20 minutes. Take note: the Well-Being evaluation needs to be finished before well being incentive credits may be acquired.

2. Understand your numbers.

Finish a 2016 biometric testing and distribute your outcomes (human body size index, hypertension, cholesterol, sugar). The biometric testing must be completed at a SHBP-sponsored biometric assessment occasion or by your doctor within their office plus outcomes presented appropriately in the 2016 doctor Screening Form. By doing both activities, “Assess your wellbeing” and “Know your figures, ” BCBSGa and UnitedHealthcare plan people and covered spouses can each earn up to 240 well-being incentive credits. Take note: the Well-Being evaluation must be completed before well-being motivation credits may be attained.

3. Act.

It’s your preference! Complete the mentoring pathway, on the web path, or a variety of both. By completing the healthier actions outlined in “Take action, ” BCBSGa and UnitedHealthcare plan users and covered partners can each make up to 240 well being motivation credits. Take note: the Well-Being evaluation must certanly be finished before well-being motivation credits can be gained.

Training Path

  • Finish your WBA and;
  • Definitely take part in telephonic mentoring.

Online Pathway

  • Record 5 internet based wellbeing tasks using the same tracker within a 30 days and earn 40 well-being incentive credits. You can earn these incentives to 6 times. A sample online activity is always to track your workout five times within a calendar thirty days.

The sum total 2016 well being incentive credits earned by finishing the above steps might to a maximum of 480 for every user and spouse, if covered. This is certainly up to 960 complete well-being incentive credits for user and covered spouse. To learn more or even to begin today, check out

Well-being Incentive Credit Rollover Between Arrange Options and Vendors

All unused wellbeing incentive credits generated while playing the 2015 Healthways Well-Being system called get Well SHBP will today rollover in 2016 whether you remained signed up for your overall Plan choice and vendor or altered to some other Plan choice and/or seller during Open Enrollment (OE) for the 2016 Plan Year. In the event that you enrolled in Kaiser Permanente (KP) during OE, your unused well-being motivation credits acquired while playing the 2015 Healthways Well-Being Program will rollover into a Kaiser Permanente Rollover Account (KPRA). But you'll be ineligible to take part in the 2016 Healthways Well-Being plan in the event that you enroll in KP. You're going to be entitled to take part in KP’s Wellness Program.

This means it doesn't matter what Plan choice you picked during Open Enrollment for 2016 Arrange Year (excluding TRICARE health supplement), you simply will not have forfeited any unused wellbeing incentive credits you attained!

Note: If, during Open Enrollment, you selected an unusual Arrange choice or supplier when it comes to 2016 Arrange 12 months, your unused well-being incentive credits will rollover in April of 2016. This allows 2015 well-being incentive credits to be utilized to cover your qualified out-of-pocket expenses for 2015 statements submitted after December 31, 2015.

2015 Wellness Appeals (BCBSGa and UnitedHealthcare)

Between January 15, 2016 and February 1, 2016 your spouse (if covered) may appeal the sum total well-being motivation credits applied if rewards tend to be lower than you believe should have been awarded for your requirements or your better half. View here when it comes to procedure for publishing these appeals. For more information, go to

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