United Healthcare Provider credentialing

Unitedmedical offers a computerized credential confirmation system.Unitedmedical offers a computerized credential verification system.


UnitedHealthcare is one of the biggest health insurance providers in the us. It offers wellness policies to businesses plus to people, plus it underwrites policies provided by the American Association of Retired People (AARP) alongside businesses that offer group protection. A doctor or any other doctor whom practices alone or perhaps in a group rehearse can entice more patients by joining the UnitedHealthcare community as a provider, and system offers incentives to practitioners whom display excellence in caring for its customers. A practitioner must verify his credentials before entering into a contract with UnitedHealthcare.

1. Ensure that your credentials and licenses as a healthcare provider are up to date and therefore you meet all demands for exercising your healthcare occupation within state. Have got all of the credential information and permit numbers prepared for confirmation.

2. Introduce the UnitedHealthcare website and then click "Physicians" at the top menu. Select "Join our network." Remember that even though prompt regarding the UnitedHealthcare website describes doctors, the procedure is equivalent for several licensed health providers, including dentists, chiropractors and real practitioners, who will be in personal or group training and obtain direct payments from health insurers.

3. Evaluation the info regarding the "Join our network" page and phone the "National credentialing center" number detailed toward the end of the page.

4. State or enter your income tax recognition Number an individual will be prompted to do so. Say "Other expert services" within 2nd sound prompt, followed closely by "Credentialing, " "health" and "Join the system" at respective subsequent prompts.

5. Wait until a credentialing expert sees the line. Response all questions your professional requires you with regards to your qualifications. Note the ID number the specialist provides you after the confirmation procedure.

6. Wait 25 to 30 company days for confirmation of your credentials. Remember that the method can take 60 times if this is very first application to an insurer that makes use of the CAQH Universal company Datasource, which is used by most major insurers. Always adhere to any demands for extra information from either CAQH or Unitedmedical.

7. Check the standing of application as essential by dialing the credentialing center quantity once more and after all prompts based on Step 4 except the last one. State "Get status" on final prompt to have status information.

8. Await an agreement within the mail or via mail and sign it as instructed before coming back it to UnitedHealthcare. Observe that if you should be an associate of a group rehearse and another supplier within team has recently contracted utilizing the insurer as a provider, you will merely be added on as yet another approved provider.

Things Needed

  • Tax recognition quantity (TIN)
  • Healthcare specialist permit numbers including DEA controlled substance prescription license as applicable.
  • Malpractice insurance number and termination day.


  • Remember that board official certification for health specialties is not needed, however you will have to prove you are board qualified if you're a doctor who would like to take part in the Premium system that awards superiority in patient attention.
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