Gonzales Healthcare Systems

Gonzales Healthcare Systems in Gonzales, Texas plays an important role in the distribution of healthcare services towards the surrounding communities and like larger, complex services, must attempt to keep costs down while offering advanced health technology. A 34-bed acute care hospital, Gonzales found McKesson’s health imaging solutions flexible and scalable to suit a hospital of its size, assisting Gonzales modernize the medical treatment they offer with their customers.

“We were searching for a health imaging option which was extremely integrated and would link our providers with one interoperable answer to assist optimize health imaging functions and improve workflow over the treatment continuum, ” says Chuck Norris, CEO, Gonzales Healthcare Systems.

The task for smaller, outlying services, is that advanced technology can cost equivalent for a little hospital whilst does for a larger one, but without the economies of scale that come with large amounts of usage. Following a competitive analysis process, Gonzales selected McKesson for the proven capability to rapidly deploy integrated solutions with enhanced functionality. A medical imaging system that can better incorporate diligent data, test results and photos, while streamlining workflow is just exactly what Gonzales medical techniques needed seriously to boost collaboration and enhance output for providers, plus update the level of client treatment they might provide.

Gonzales looked to McKesson, whose team could implement medical imaging methods tailored into the requirements for the short term, severe treatment center. Gonzales’ management thought that McKesson was the gold standard in addition to IT infrastructure and structure will allow Gonzales to keep be effective collaboratively with lovers such as for instance Radiology Partners-Houston.

The cost of cutting-edge

After selecting McKesson as their option provider, the group at Gonzales sought after federal support funding to help offset the expenses. Funding for brand new health imaging systems came through a grant from USDA Rural Development. McKesson worked closely utilizing the Gonzales Healthcare Systems Foundation in getting the financing to continue the hospital’s strategic mission of supplying advanced medical to the county and surrounding service location. These programs supply funding for rural wellness IT infrastructure and expand local use of good quality healthcare services for outlying Us americans nationwide. These programs through the Community Facilities loan and grant system, the length training and Telemedicine give program together with Rural financial Development loan and grant program.

Connie Kacir, executive director of Gonzales medical Systems Foundation, worked closely with all the McKesson team whenever she ended up being putting together the give application. “We worked closely with your agent from McKesson and he was instrumental in helping myself with getting the information I had a need to write the grant. He provided assistance any time I inquired, without exclusion. It absolutely was extremely important that We rationalized and supported the cost so that Gonzales could upgrade the amount of attention delivered to our patients, ” Kacir describes.

Because of the grant money, Gonzales could purchase and put in McKesson Radiology™, McKesson’s option would be constructed on a structure that ensures stability, overall performance and scalability of health providers' mission crucial infrastructure. The McKesson imaging option was a cost-effective solution for Gonzales plus it managed to be custom made to Gonzales’ needs.

Soft transition

Installing Gonzales’ brand new health imaging system early in the day come july 1st moved very effortlessly, according to Kacir. The McKesson group could help Gonzales in customizing the technology to match the precise requirements associated with the smaller, rural facility.

The brand new technology permits Gonzales to keep to work well with Houston Radiology for teleradiology reasons, and simply transmit patient pictures to talk about studies along with other radiologists and physicians for niche reads, like neuroradiology, pediatric or musculoskeletal. Making use of the PACS with Houston Radiology allows trained experts to-be available 24/7.

“There will always challenges with teleradiology, nevertheless the staff is very happy with the device, with the ability to incorporate with Houston Radiology, plus the improvements they see inside their day-to-day workflow.” says Kacir, “And there has been a tremendous level of help from McKesson. From the sharing with this

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