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Sunscreen samples for Healthcare professionals

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For the past 12 months, we’ve been focusing on mastering the Sun adore. With a complete item reformulation similar to this one, this means temporarily discontinuing the product—which is really what you’ve seen this year—and evaluation and retesting different batches to obtain the perfect consistency and effectiveness. We’re so grateful to all the of you for your perseverance while we’ve been slaving madly away and we’re delighted to say so it’s eventually right here!

Not only are we worked up about being able to place our Sun like back regarding shelf, we’re really excited because we believe it's even better than before! Here’s why.

What You Can Expect through the Brand New Formula

You know that we’re constantly dedicated to having completely 100% natural ingredients and criteria for our sunscreen is not any various. Although they’ve changed, the components are only as pure and sustainably sourced since the remainder of our products. We had been in a position to maintain the exact same easy-to-apply packaging and increase the rack lifetime of the sunlight like but almost anything is different—including our brand-new SPF 20 score!

Here are the details on the modifications we’ve made.

Brand New Ingredients, Same Potency

The newest formula features an inferior element listing versus old formula but it is no less powerful. Without producing a new emulsified formula with water and oil, we discovered a way to take away the liquid completely so your sunlight prefer is a mixture of essential oils, zinc, beeswax and essential natural oils. Thus giving it a new, creamier surface also it advances the shelf life.

We use 15% non-nano zinc oxide to give the Sun appreciate its sunlight protection element (SPF) and (alongside beeswax) it adds the thick surface such that it will always be along with skin.

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