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Most of us desire to exist on fullest. But, when medical issues begin to interfere, what do you do? As the full service homecare and hospice provider, we aid individuals of all centuries to keep energetic and separate inside their houses. When home care help becomes necessary, you can rely on our expertise for help. Our solution area covers southwest and main Missouri with workplaces positioned in Springfield, Joplin, West Plains, and Columbia.

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Since 1974 we now have developed more home care solutions and programs than just about any various other company in southwest and main Missouri. From round-the-clock nursing care to short-term care, you've got many different in home solutions to pick from. We provide the maximum amount of, or very little, treatment yourself since you need, and therefore are versatile to produce modifications as your condition changes.

Oxford will continue to be noticed as leaders in house healthcare with revolutionary programs and technical advances like: Memory Care, LSVT Loud treatment for Parkinson’s, occupational and physical treatment, hospice songs treatment, and Lifeline individual crisis Response. To learn more about all of our services, see our services page or e mail us at. Oxford’s caring experts are ready to work with you with any queries about getting the best home care available.

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Choosing a caregiver to provide assistance home the most crucial choices you will make. Our experienced staff is dedicated to building one-on-one relationships with customers, helping all of them feel confident and comfortable in their own personal residence. You can view the full listing of services we provide, or phone one of our particularly trained Care Coordinators who can develop an agenda tailored obtainable. Remaining in control over your health is essential. We possess the home care methods to assist you to make that happen objective.

  • Inside 53 many years that United states Heart Month has-been observed, great strides were made in detection, therapy and avoidance of heart problems, the leading reason behind demise in U.S., in charge of 25percent of most mortality.
  • By Alicia Jenkins BS, RN, CWCN, Oxford Wound Analyst Good nourishment is essential for wound recovery. During the recovery process, your body needs increased quantities of calories, protein, vitamins the and C, and quite often the mineral zinc. Food alternatives and nutritional standing influence injury recovery since severe wounds raise the energy, supplement, mineral and protein […]
  • By Pam Gennings, Executive Director Special works* over time i've talked to numerous members of the family just who get back the vacations and start to become worried since they have actually seen “changes” inside their family member or their particular situations. They're not constantly sure if home care solutions are required or if perhaps their particular issue is unfounded. […]
  • By Pam Gennings, Executive Director specialized works* The holidays should be an occasion of delight, but for some individuals it could trigger a selection of feelings like the temporary feeling of anxiety or depression also known as the vacation Blues. The Vacation Blues may be brought on by extra anxiety, unrealistic expectations and even thoughts that […]
  • Acknowledging and supporting caregivers is immensely important. This thirty days, please take time to assist, or at least a form word, to some body you understand that Is taking care of another. Perhaps the need arises from aging, impairment, illness or damage, there are so many prepared to take up the trial of caregiving. […]
  • By Jan Untz, RN, BSN, Oxford Orthopedic Coordinator Falls can put you at risk of really serious damage. Autumn avoidance may not look like a lively topic, but it is very important. Physical modifications and wellness concerns—and sometimes the medicines used to treat those conditions—can make drops much more likely. Reality: Falls are a number one reason for […]
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