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About medical expert Boards

The Division of health-related Boards provides administrative help into the panels, committees, councils and something registry being faced with the licensure and legislation of their respective medical care professionals, as well as the workplace of Consumer straight to Know. The objective of each and every board should safeguard the, safety and benefit of Tennesseans by needing people who practice healthcare professions in this particular state become qualified. The boards interpret the guidelines, rules and regulations to look for the proper criteria of rehearse so that you can ensure the highest amount of expert conduct. The boards are responsible for the investigation of so-called violations for the practise Act and guidelines and generally are responsible for the discipline of licensees that are found guilty of these violations. Board users, with few exceptions, are appointed by the Governor.

Licensed specialists interested in providing on a health related board may send a resume and an application to:

Tennessee Department of Health, Division of Health Licensure and Regulation, 665 Mainstream Drive, Second Floor, Nashville, TN 37243 OR fax it to (615) 741-5542.

Electronic Notification for Licensed Health Care Professionals


On January 1, 2013, a brand new legislation, Public Chapter 952, became efficient calling for all Tennessee health professional panels to deliver electric sees to healthcare experts they permit. The law gives medical specialists a choice of being notified digitally for the following: (1) Renewals of license, official certification or subscription; (2) Any charge increases; (3) Any alterations in condition legislation that impact the license owner; and (4) Any board conference where changes in rules or fees are on the schedule. If a healthcare professional “opts in”, the Department of Health will also be able to alert him or her of critical public health matters impacting Tennessee.

Kindly go to and complete the enrollment process to decide in. Upon bill of a present email address, those that choose in will start to get ALL notices electronically rather than through the usa post. Please note opting in means permit revival notification may be delivered digitally more or less 45 times prior to the conclusion day. The digital notice will direct the licensee to your appropriate website to renew. For vocations which do not allow licensees to renew their particular licenses on line, a paper restoration will still be supplied.


Specific handled treatment organizations are required to publish a yearly report to the Department of Commerce and Insurance. The Consumer straight to Know Act needs this information is distributed around consumers.

Annual Reports for Managed Care Companies

Tennessee law mandates that certain healthcare professionals publish information to your division with regards to details of their particular instruction, niche official certification and rehearse. Any office of Consumer to Know is faced with pursuing and collecting these records and supplying it to customers through the Department’s internet site.
The vocations which can be necessary to submit information tend to be: liquor and substance abuse counselors, audiologists, licensed nurse professionals, chiropractors, medical pastoral practitioners, dentists, dietitian or nutritionists, dispensing opticians, electrologists, marital and family members practitioners, therapeutic massage practitioners, health professionals, health laboratory personnel, nursing residence directors, work-related therapists, optometrists, osteopathic physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, physician assistants, podiatrists, professional counselors, psychologists, rn anesthetists, respiratory treatment professionals, social employees, address pathologists and veterinarians.
Any change to information is necessary to be reported within 30 days of the change. The modifications must be sent to the immediate following:

Healthcare Provider Ideas Customer Right to Know

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