Ontario-based Prime Healthcare

Prime Healthcare, Ontario

ONTARIO > Ontario-based Prime medical can pay more than $7 million in lost earnings to staff members at its Encino and outdoors Grove hospitals, the National Labor Relations Board ruled recently.

The ruling affects about 500 employees represented by Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers-West employed at Encino Hospital Medical Center and Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center, which includes phlebotomists, pharmacy technicians and food service workers in Encino and licensed vocational nurses, secretaries and maintenance personnel, among others, in Garden Grove.

The ruling additionally impacts about 100 authorized nurses within Encino center represented by SEIU-Local 121RN. The nurses are owed about $520, 000 in back wages, Pamela Chandran, basic counsel for SEIU-121RN, stated.

A spokeswoman for Prime medical said in a statement Tuesday the business will impress the NLRB decision.

“Prime Healthcare disagrees with all the NLRB’s decision. We want to appeal this decision towards D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, ” Elizabeth Nikels, vice-president of marketing and communications at Prime Healthcare, said.

Programs necessitate filing the charm Thursday, Nikels said in a contact.

Relating to a purchase handed down Oct. 17, the NLRB has purchased Prime medical Services to avoid “unilaterally” losing automatic yearly wage increases “without first notifying the unions and giving them a chance to deal.”

The organization must resume the yearly tips in pay, going back to Nov. 17, 2011, the document checks out.

“This is just the latest illustration of Prime medical neglecting to live up to its commitment to customers and staff members and being bought to do this by a judge, ” Kenton Smartt, a calculated tomography technologist at Encino Medical Center stated in a declaration from SEIU-United medical Workers-West.

Smartt said he and other workers tend to be pleased about the NLRB choice — “however, we have reservations.”

Staff members come to mind your company will stall, searching for another attraction, but Smartt said such tactics are useless because they're perhaps not planning to quit their particular fight.

“Encino Hospital clinic is a not-for-profit member of the Prime Healthcare Foundation and its particular registered nurses have supported Prime medical within mission over the years, ” Nikels stated in the statement. “We price the job of most our staff and nurses and their commitment to offering exceptional diligent care, while having supplied wage and wage increases because this concern first arose years ago.”


The business’s contract with authorized nurses expired in 2011, Chandran said.

The two sides negotiated an agreement in November of 2014 that expires in 2018, nevertheless issue before the nationwide Labor Relations Board was a superb issue wanting quality, she stated.

Chandran stated Prime has actually appealed decisions for the length of this instance.

“Prime will take a burning situation as far as it could, ” she stated, incorporating the business will invest its sources on legal expenditures rather than s worker wages. Prime’s actions tend to be designed to break the union, she said.

Sean Wherley, spokesman for SEIU-United medical Workers-West, said the anniversary increases stopped as soon as the workers’ agreement expired in 2011. He contends that even without a contract, the raises needs to have continued.

In accordance with information in NLRB papers Prime as well as its staff members have actually a brief history of strife linked to problems such as cuts in health benefits. Workers have actually alleged other Prime practices, including fees that doctors acknowledge customers needlessly. Federal government prosecutors have actually accompanied that whistleblower instance.

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