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Colombia Healthcare System

Many an expat-to-be might have a sense of what to anticipate of life in Colombia, although not most people are up to date because of the big advancements the nation has made in recent years and continues to make every single day. Our guide offers a summary.

Understanding the program

Since the very early 1990s, Colombia made huge measures in terms of public medical health insurance therefore the availability of healthcare, plus some 41 million associated with the 46 million residents have medical protection. In general, there are 2 regimes: contributive and subsidized. Every staff member adds 4per cent of the monthly wage to the medical system called Sistema General de Seguridad Social en Salud (SGSSS). To receive health care benefits, contributors register with general public or private insurers of their option.

Though progress is made, Colombia’s health care system was the mark of harsh critique, and accusations of extensive corruption, nepotism, and misdirected funds happen voiced against most leading providers. Expats going to Colombia should explore extra personal medical health insurance.

Urban Healthcare Tourism vs. Remote Clinics

Colombia’s personal healthcare organizations typically stick to sufficient quality requirements, especially in the top towns. The united states’s clinics, some of which are one of the better in south usa, entice their fair share of medical tourism for elective surgical procedures such plastic surgery. But you will probably find that quality and ease of access are less trustworthy in public areas clinics and outlying areas and, as it is the case, a vacation into the emergency room probably will include hours of waiting.

Staying Healthy in Colombia

Just before attempt your expat adventure in Colombia, please make sure you have all the shots and vaccinations needed for a safe stay. While authorities don't require any proof of vaccination during the time of entry, its in your best interest to ensure that you are ready. The following vaccines are recommended:

  • System (MMR, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chickenpox, polio, flu)
  • Hepatitis A/B
  • Typhoid

Even though it is fine to take in plain tap water in locations, it is best that expecting mothers follow bottled water. When visiting rural places, beverage bottled water and steer clear of ice cubes.

Apart from significant urban centers such as for example Bogotá, Medellín, or Cali, malaria is widespread. While the greater part of expatriates in Colombia settle in one of these towns and cities (once we have actually handled upon in our article on going to Colombia), you really need to nonetheless consult your medical practitioner and keep in touch with all of them about your alternatives for malaria prevention.

In addition, 2015 saw nearly 100, 000 reported situations of Zika virus, which is mostly sent by mosquitos, but additionally sexually sent. Expectant mothers are currently advised to not ever journey to Colombia unless absolutely necessary.

Please remember that you'll be going to a mountainous nation therefore usually takes some time for you to adapt to staying at a unique altitude. If you're healthier, you should not have any issues after braving a couple of days of discomfort — stay hydrated and try not to ever do anything too strenuous. In the event that you suffer from circulatory or respiratory dilemmas, but kindly consult your physician if your wanting to move.

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