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Hong Kong Healthcare System

This website summarises the healthcare services provided by the general public and private sectors in Hong-Kong

Public and Professional Healthcare Solutions

The chart under illustrates the overall construction regarding the health system as well as the solutions supplied in Hong Kong:

Food and Wellness Bureau

The Food and wellness Bureau is responsible for developing guidelines and allocating resources the running of Hong Kong’s wellness solutions. Moreover it guarantees these policies are carried out successfully to safeguard and market community health, offer lifelong holistic healthcare to every citizen of Hong Kong, and ensure that no one is denied sufficient hospital treatment because not enough means.

More about Food and Wellness Bureau

Department of Health

The division of Health (DH) is the Government’s wellness agent and company to execute healthcare policies and statutory features. It safeguards the community’s wellness through a range of advertising, preventive, curative and rehabilitative solutions. DH provides subsidised health solutions through its centres and wellness clinics to residents of Hong-Kong.

Set of clinics and wellness centers under DH More about services supplied by DH Centre for Health Protection

A Medical Facility Authority

A medical facility Authority (HA) is a statutory body providing general public hospitals and associated services into residents of Hong-Kong. It offers medical treatment and rehab services to clients through hospitals, time hospitals, specialist centers, basic out-patient clinics, Chinese medication solution and neighborhood outreach solutions which are organised into seven groups which collectively offer your whole of Hong Kong. Hong-kong citizens will enjoy subsidised medical services given by HA.

Public hospitals and institutions General Out-patient Clinics by HA professional Out-patient Clinics by HA Chinese medication provider by HA Community health Services by HA

Exclusive Medical Care

There are certain nursing homes and medical services provided by the personal health industry. DH regulates all hostipal wards and medical centers subscribed under the Medical Clinics Ordinance (Cap.343). DH tracks their conformity with relevant laws by performing assessments, and managing medical situations and complaints lodged because of the average man or woman against these establishments. All Western medication practitioners practising in Hong-Kong need certainly to register with all the healthcare Council of Hong Kong (MCHK). MCHK is a statutory human anatomy responsible for enrollment and expert discipline of doctors to maintain professional requirements for protection of the general public.

A number of subscribed nursing homes Selection of registered centers look for registered medical practioners Search for subscribed Chinese medication practitioners Registration of medical care Professionals
Source: www.gov.hk
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