Diploma of Community Services

Diploma in Case Management

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12 months full-time (or part-time equivalent)

On-campus in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, or via on line distribution, which integrates on the web study with compulsory on-campus workshops, or a mixture of both.

ACAP’s Diploma of Community providers (Case control) CHC52015 supplies the skills and understanding important to undertake instance management locally solutions industry. Pupils get the expertise and knowledge required to facilitate instance administration, assess and analyse customer needs, communicate efficiently with customers and staff, and help client self-management.

Pupils are required to attend on-campus workshops which provide possibilities to place their particular abilities into training. All pupils will undoubtedly be necessary to undertake work positioning for 210 hours throughout the extent of these course, commenced after completing the first three topics associated with program.

On successful completion of the training course, pupils are eligible for direct entry (equivalent to eight products) into 2nd 12 months of ACAP’s Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching), Bachelor of used Social Science, Associate level of used personal Science, Bachelor of Social Perform or Bachelor of Psychological Science (with credit for eight out of 24 non-psychology devices of study).

This program contains nine topics with 16 products of competency, all needing successful conclusion, so as, to achieve the qualification. The 16 devices of competency have-been clustered into nine subjects.

Entry Criteria/Prerequisites

Fulfill among next demands:

  • Completion of a Certificate IV or above (or equivalent); or
  • Conclusion of a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (or equivalent); or
  • Completion regarding the Core Skills Profile for grownups (CSPA) at exit amount 3 of this Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) in both literacy and numeracy.

inspect Student Loans Scholar Entry Process
It's a Commonwealth legislated requirement that students trying to get a Commonwealth VET education loan should be assessed for academic suitability to try a high degree VET qualification. This will be a student security measure introduced from 1 Jan 2016 and it is besides ACAP’s course entry criteria/prerequisites.

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ACAP’s Diploma of Community providers (Case Management) CHC52015 is available on-campus in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, or by web delivery, which integrates internet based study with compulsory on-campus weekend workshops. You can even study the Diploma of Community providers (Case control) CHC52015 in a mixture of on line delivery and on-campus study.

Program Duration and begin Dates

2017Trimester 3: Monday 18 September 2017

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What will I learn?

Areas of research include:

  • Correspondence with Clients
  • Skills for Doing Work In Industry
  • Specialist Interpersonal Skills
  • Society inside Australian Context
  • Case Control Practice 1
  • Workplace Communication
  • Psychological State
  • Case Control Training 2
  • System Development

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Learn Modes

On-campus research in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne
On-campus study needs one to go to one three hour class each week for each associated with segments or products you're studying. Classes provide an interactive and hands-on experience, which allows your instructor to offer instant comments on your own work in class.

On-campus research in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne
On-campus research requires one to attend one three hour class weekly per for the segments or units you might be learning. Classes provide an interactive and hands-on knowledge, makes it possible for your teacher to give immediate comments on your own work with class.

On the web distribution
With internet based distribution you can learn everywhere, anytime. All classes have an internet class room containing training course products, conversation online forums and notices, student pages and evaluation fall containers and tend to be accessible to the course team as well as the instructor.

You'll choose to learn all of your modules in numerous settings, susceptible to access, to produce a study mode that suits your lifestyle. You can select various settings of research for different segments in certain trimester and you will replace the mode of study you select whenever you enrol each trimester. To find out which modules can be found on the web, please make reference to our program series to find out more.

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Source: www.acap.edu.au
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