Case Management Services

Alliance Case Management

Alliance Case Management ("ACM") is an authorized MaineCare Section 13 supplier for Targeted Case control providers for kids and Adults with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities. Alliance Case control provides case management services through the State of Maine.

Person-Centered Planning
We provide Person-Centered preparation and coordination of solutions as a completely independent agent.
 Meaning we just offer situation management. No domestic aids or direct assistance solutions. Various other organizations supply situation management and direct services that may be a conflict and restrictions choice. We help in linking individuals and households to community resources and matching multiple services. We monitor solutions to be sure individuals have what they need, when they require.
We take time to get to know each individual therefore we can support their particular wishes, requirements, desires and fantasies. Instead of “we can’t”, we ask, “how can we make that take place?”
We believe every individual we serve has got the to:

  • Have choice in the way they stay their particular life, in which and with who.
  • Interactions that offer the power, support, and safety to higher the individual’s well-being.
  • Subscribe to their community in a significant way.
  • Have an energetic part inside their staff by communicating their particular wants, desires and needs whilst being accountable for their own actions and decisions.
  • Maintain the driver’s chair. To choose exactly what solutions to receive and who should offer all of them. This includes employing and firing staff that do not work nicely to you.
  • Dream. We esteem your hopes and dreams and certainly will help you make them become a reality.
  • Dignity and respect by everyone involved with your staff.

Where do you really provide solutions?
Case Management Services happen in the neighborhood and in which the specific life. The situation management explores using person, guardian and/or family, many different solutions and supports available. The in-patient, with the help of his/her group, determines what they need for supports and services.
Do you offer Rep Payee Providers?

Yes, currently Social Security Representative Payee solutions to the consumers just. We don't charge a fee for this service. To learn more about Rep Payee services be sure to call us at 207-239-6668.

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