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St. Agnes Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

St. Agnes Medical Care and Rehabilitation Center

St. Agnes Health Care and Rehabilitation Center is a 194 bed nursing house positioned in Cook County, Illinois at:

St. Agnes Health Care and Rehabilitation Center

1725 Southern Wabash

Chicago, IL 60616

Internet site: not available

  • Alzheimer Condition
  • Endocrine/Metabolic
  • Developmental Impairment
  • Circulatory Program
  • Genitourinary Program Disorders
  • Digestive Tract
  • The Respiratory System
  • Body Conditions
  • Musculo-Skeletal Problems
  • Mental Disease
  • Nervous System
Worrisome Discoveries Regarding Individual Care at St. Agnes Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

The Illinois Department of Health and various other private wellness examination businesses performed a survey from the standard of health care clients get through the staff and personnel associated with the health center. The study brought to the surface, cases of poor diligent guidance and misuse that could be construed as nursing home neglect. The medical house attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury attorneys evaluated these findings and outlined the next as attacks of bad patient supervision:

  • Failure to implement treatments to stop falls: “Since admission, R1 has received two falls. The very first fall occurred on 12-21-09, at 1:10pm. The facility incident report indicates that R1 ended up being “found sitting on the ground beside the bed, and that no apparent accidents resulted through the fall.” The second autumn took place on 12-27-09 at 6:10am. The center event report suggests that R1 was found “lying on to the floor, beside the sleep, on her behalf left side.” Additional information indicates that R1 ended up being ” holding her remaining neck, whining of pain, and therefore the remaining shoulder appears swollen and bruised.” R1 ended up being taken up to your local hospital. Additional analysis suggests that just before entry, R1 had multiple falls. The center Fall Risk evaluation dated [DATE] identified R1 as a higher fall danger. The facility SideRail evaluation dated [DATE] identified the need of siderails up x 2 during bed to market mobility and safety. Report on the Fall CarePlan dated 12-21-09 indicates that siderail intervention had not been added onto the careplan until 12-28-09. These failures lead to a resident damage which consisted of a left displaced, left humeral surgical neck break and fractured ribs 4-7.”
  • Failure to precisely assess and analyze the conditions of falls: “From 5/15/11 through 5/23/11 R6 dropped four times and injured herself over and over. The Fall danger assessment (Criteria for Assessment) had been score 28 (05/22/11, 05/23/11, 05/29 /11 and 06/01/11) and high-risk. E3 (Director of Nurse) on 06/29/11 at 11:30 am when you look at the meeting room claimed, ” The residents worry plan and evaluation need already been revised or updated. The resident must have been reassessed to prevent additional fall and effectiveness associated with input.”
  • Failure assure call lights are in the residents’ get to: “On 1/24/11 at 12:30pm upon observation the phone call light for R8 ended up being noted tied to along side it railway regarding the sleep. Upon interview, when asked if he had been in a position to attain the phone call light R8 stated “no“. R8 attemptedto attain the call light but had not been able to perform so. On 1/25/11 at 1:15pm upon interviewing R8, the phone call light had been noted to not be in the resident’s get to.”
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