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Participating organisations

- European Haematology Association
- European Community for Nuclear Medicine
- European Association of Urology
- European Respiratory Culture
- European Society of Pathology
- European Community of Pharmacogenomics
- European Institute for Oncology
- Association of Public Wellness Class
- European Mind Council
- European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
- European organization the analysis and Treatment of Cancer

The European Alliance for Personalised medication, in close cooperation with more than twelve health societies and associations, will operate a primary Summer School for younger healthcare experts and patients in mid-2016.

Entitled ‘TEACH’ (Instruction and knowledge for Advanced Clinicians and HCPs), the school would be held at different cultural venues (see below) in Cascais, near Lisbon, Portugal, and certainly will operate from 3-7 July.

It is mostly targeted at younger health care experts aged 28-40.

Underneath the Italian Presidency associated with EU in 2014, a vital conference was held between your health communities (see package to the right) and EAPM in Brussels’ prestigious and historic Bibliotheque Solvay.

Indeed there, it absolutely was determined through opinion that a multi-stakeholder way of HCP training had been urgently required.

The idea originated and used up throughout the Luxembourg Presidency and formally noted within the Grand Duchy’s landmark Council Conclusions on personalised medication.

Meanwhile, EAPM’s HCP education strategy has been provided to the European Council, MEPs and also the Commission.

The Alliance and fellow stakeholders have now been working tirelessly to achieve the aim of ‘the right treatment for suitable patient in the correct time’ to assist produce a more healthful European countries for the 500 million citizens across 28 nations.

The consensual aim will be raise understanding among policymakers in regards to the requirements of modern-day customers and exactly how personalised medication has got the prospective to change healthcare the better.

All concerned believe it is crucial to develop training for professionals whoever procedures are necessary on effective growth of personalised medication. It is so that you can advertise the provided comprehension and collaborative development of required resources.

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