Case Management courses

case management courses

  • Care Control
  • Reimbursements

Classes will emphasize employing situation management as a multidisciplinary care delivery system that centers around administration that creates the desired outcomes.

“Case Management Theory and Process I” offers students a powerful and comprehensive resource for reviewing how the case administration procedure works while exposing the main topic of reimbursement methods which includes Medicaid and Medicare through commercial and managed care providers. This is actually the very first course within the research of the principle and process of case administration.

Program Code: CM 500. Contact hours of knowledge = 25. Cost: $175.00.

2. Case Control Concept & Process II

This program may be the second instance administration official certification training course into the ongoing training system. Ideas and theories in case management methods and models tend to be provided, as a continuation of study in CM 500. Pupils will learn usage administration and its particular resources for assessment and decision-making. Legal and moral problems whenever management rehearse are examined as well. Honest issues and problems are examined as they relate particularly to your practice of situation management while the role of the case manager. This course in addition gift suggestions principle and types of the discharge planning procedure and its own purpose within case management systems and models. The part associated with discharge planner is analyzed. Pupils additionally study the complete case administration system and role from evaluation, planning, intervention and evaluation. Case management forms and resources are presented. Facets causing success inside role of instance manager are also examined. Case researches in case management are analyzed to aid the student in operationalizing the principles learned in this training course and in CM 500.

Course Code: CM 520. Email hours of education = 25. Expense: $175.00.

3. Results Administration

This might be a sophisticated instance management course. The main focus with this program is on Outcomes Management and its particular training within instance management systems. Students will learn in-depth information about condition management, types of illness administration and their particular development and execution. A complete procedure for illness management is provided. From here, students progress inside their study to outcomes administration. Individuals will learn the outcome administration process from beginning to end. The part associated with the case supervisor in effects administration is created as content is further presented. Tools for use in effects administration programs tend to be served with informative data on execution for training. Pupils then learn the thought of an outcomes management system created within situation management systems and for the role of instance supervisor. A thorough presentation of designs, benchmarks, signs and effects scientific studies are analyzed. Additional focus is provided on establishing effects administration programs within situation administration methods.

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