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Sheridan Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

Sheridan Medical involved offers rehabilitation-to-home attention and lasting care by an attentive and experienced medical staff. Aimed at supplying supreme quality, extensive care for significantly more than 50 years, Sheridan is focused overall resident with excellent care in an attractive environment. Featuring 15-foot hallway ceilings and full-length skylights, Sheridan provides a good amount of natural sunshine for everyone to take pleasure from.

With a dual certification for Medicaid and Medicare, Sheridan Medical Complex offers exclusive and semi-private rooms along with our complete variety of therapy solutions and treatment programs. Our objective would be to assist residents live with their greatest potential while supplying them with top healthcare possible.

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Sheridan health hard provides top-quality treatment solutions and attention led by a talented and dedicated staff. Sheridan personalizes attention programs per citizen, utilizing our state-of-the-art therapy gear to provide each citizen the perfect opportunity for rehabilitation.

Clinical Care & Comprehensive Treatment Services

  • Rehabilitation-to-home care
  • Long-lasting care
  • Work-related treatment
  • Restorative treatment
  • Real therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Wound care (including wound vacs)
  • Tracheostomy
  • Cardiac recovery attention
  • IV treatment
  • Palliative treatment
  • Hospice


Sheridan healthcare advanced not only provides residents the newest in treatments and healthcare, additionally provides a comfy, recovering environment in which to thrive. With anything from tasty dishes served in a welcoming dining hallway to soaring 15-foot hall ceilings and full-length skylights, Sheridan was created to promote recovery of human body, brain, and spirit.

Beyond the building amenities, Sheridan Medical specialized supports residents through a powerful activities program. Residents have the freedom to pick from multiple tasks both in and outside Sheridan, including games, crafts, shopping trips and special dining out experiences. Family are always welcome to participate in on tasks and share unique times due to their loved ones.

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Significantly more than every other aspect, MGM Healthcare understands that hiring and establishing an experienced, caring, and skilled staff is the single essential take into account offering exceptional short-term, long-term, assisted living, and competent medical care. We invest considerable resources in human resources, so we function excellent staff-to-patient ratios anyway of your care facilities. This permits our staff to blow longer with each resident, providing them with the time and care they need to flourish.

As the same Opportunity company, all potential employees have to submit to post-offer medication screening, criminal record checks, automobile files search confirmation, research inspections and possibly several interviews. Click the link to get into the MGM medical on the web application and commence the method in joining an organization dedicated to improving rehabilitation, competent attention, and short- and long-term care one outcome at the same time.

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