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The info about this site is intended to give general drugstore information for UnitedHealthcare people. The info on this website is NOT particular to help you program. If you should be a UnitedHealthcare user, please register or log on to myuhc.com to locate pharmacy information particular in your favor program. Whether you are a UnitedHealthcare user or pre-enrollee, your drugstore benefit could vary considerably from information offered right here. This amazing site should only be useful for estimating reasons. If you are a pre-enrollee, and you also would like to find out about your unique drugstore benefit, please speak to your company.

Our Goal
We should assist you in making the most of your drugstore advantage and reducing your total drugstore prices.

  • Access
    • We provide usage of a multitude of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted medications.
    • Our pharmacy system includes a lot more than 66, 000 retail pharmacies and OptumRx Mail Service Pharmacy. Just log in to myuhc.com and make use of our "Pharmacy Locator" device discover a network pharmacy.
  • Affordability
    • Our programs and resources are created to empower that make smarter decisions, live more healthy lives and cut costs on prescription medications.

Prescription Medication Costs
Prescription medicine costs are among the fastest developing prices in medical care. Our programs and resources are designed to help you make informed decisions regarding your prescription medicine choices and drugstore product choices. At Unitedmedical, we should assist you to handle your prescription drugs costs and get the most out of your drugstore benefit. One tool you ought to be acquainted with that will help you cut costs may be the approved Drug List (PDL).*

Your Prescription Drug List (PDL)*
The PDL* includes the most widely used medicines and groups all of them on tiers, representing the price you pay. This cost is determined by the workplace or health plan. Tiering medications makes it easy to help you find other choices that can help you save money in the event that drug you are taking is on a greater tier. It is above a listing of medications, and certainly will help you manage your prices and discover various other medication choices.

*The UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue HMO features a formulary, instead of a PDL.

Approved Drug Listings

  • Health Insurance Marketplaces and State Exchanges
  • Standard Drug Listings

    IMPORTANT - The above UnitedHealthcare standard PDLs and SignatureValue HMO Formulary don't apply to all plans. If you should be a member, log on to myuhc.com to know about your specific benefit protection.

Healthcare Reform - Preventive Care Medications

As part of Health Care Reform, health programs must cover specific Preventive attention medicines free of charge for you whenever:

To adhere to the health reform law, UnitedHealthcare offers:

  • A list of prescription contraceptives accessible to you on Tier 1, or even the most affordable tier on your own approved medicine checklist (PDL) or formulary, for no cost. These contraceptives can be found today for the majority of advantage programs.
  • The U.S. Preventive providers Task power A&B Recommendation medicines for zero cost at point of sale at system pharmacies beginning November 1, 2013. These medications feature aspirin, folic acid supplements for ladies, iron supplements and prescription fluoride for kids, and supplement D supplements for older grownups.
  • OTC contraceptives for women free at point of sale at system pharmacies beginning November 1, 2013. OTC contraceptives feature feminine condoms, emergency contraceptives, and birth control film, foam and serum.
  • At increased risk when it comes to very first occurrence of breast cancer - after threat evaluation and counseling
  • Who obtain a Notification/Prior Authorization
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