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United Healthcare Alliance HMO

Announcing a unique revolutionary HMO item and the Broker Bonus plan made to offer your clients even more ways to get quality, cost-efficient treatment

UHC knows the worth of having a health coverage program that delivers accessibility quality treatment at an attractive price. That’s why UnitedHealthcare is proud to announce a fresh revolutionary program – UnitedHealthcare SignatureValueTM Alliance (HMO).

UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance provides coordinated treatment to members with use of above 26, 000 doctors and professionals and more than 90 hospitals. The medical teams within the Alliance community were acknowledged for providing exceptional treatment, quality and costefficiency.

NEW - UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance

With UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance, members choose a main Care Physician (PCP) from a network of very acclaimed medical groups when you look at the condition, which is made of:

  • Medical Partners Healthcare Group
  • History Provider System
  • Monarch HealthCare Medical Group
  • PrimeCare Medical Group
  • Santé Community Doctors
  • Scripps Health
The PCP will coordinate the member’s care with other doctors and professionals in their chosen health team’s community, if needed, making sure the member will get outstanding, skillfully ranked attention at all things within their medical care knowledge.

UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance product is available to organizations 2-50, 51-99 and 100+ workers efficient April 1, 2012 offering the counties of:

  • Fresno
  • Kern
  • Kings
  • La
  • Madera
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • North Park
  • Ventura
The product comes with integral health and wellness programs, at no extra cost, to simply help your customers’ staff members do something toward a standard much healthier way of life. They can get information on their specific health requirements and join online health mentoring or other motivational programs for increasing their own health. UHC also deliver personalized communications and reminders for preventive care and screenings. UHC's illness management and case management programs provide help and assistance to users that looking treatment options for chronic problems.

UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance item also contains prescription medicine advantages according to clinical quality and evidence-based medication, that might result in potentially better health outcomes and cost savings. Users may receive personalized communications to help them make more well-informed choices and conserve money at the drugstore.

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