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Case Management Responsibilities

"individual who could be qualified to receive situation administration, " for reasons for this subpart, suggests someone who the situation manager features reason to believe features developmental impairment and who is undergoing analysis, or who is a kid in chronilogical age of five undergoing analysis relating to component 9525.0016, subpart 3.

Designation of case supervisor.

Within ten trading days after obtaining a software for solutions, the county board shall designate an incident supervisor which meets what's needed in subpart 6. The scenario manager shall assure that a diagnostic assessment under component 9525.0016 is carried out within 35 working days of bill of a credit card applicatoin for solutions by the county board. The county board shall send a written realize that includes the name, phone number, and located area of the designated case supervisor or a modification of case manager to the individual, the individual's appropriate representative and advocate, if any, and present providers. Upon the county board's determination that any particular one is in need of case administration and an application for solutions hasn't yet been filed, the county board must designate an instance supervisor within ten business days.

Purchase of situation administration.

The county board should never purchase case administration from a supplier who has direct or indirect financial interest in the provision of various other services for the individual.

County request to give case management also services.

The county board must connect with the commissioner in writing to demand agreement when it comes to county becoming the provider of residential, education and habilitation, or semi-independent living solutions, in addition to supplier of situation management. The commissioner shall give agreement if county board can show that a technique of preventing dispute of great interest is set up that features the next assurances:


that the designated situation manager plus the instance supervisor's direct supervisor ought not to be mixed up in supply of residential, instruction and habilitation, or semi-independent lifestyle solutions when it comes to individual; and


your level of solutions supplied on individual needs to be in keeping with the examined needs of the individual as identified inside individual service plan.

Treatments governing minimal standards for instance management.

The county board shall establish and monitor implementation of written policies and processes to:


The county company must maintain copies associated with the policies and processes on file on county offices, offer copies to individuals providing instance management, and work out these policies and treatments offered upon request.

Instance supervisor qualifications and training.

People offering instance administration to individuals with developmental disabilities must meet the needs in item A or B.

The designated instance supervisor must have about a bachelor's level in personal work, special training, therapy, medical, human services, or other fields pertaining to the education or remedy for persons with developmental disabilities, and another year of expertise inside knowledge or remedy for people with developmental impairment.

Except for testing and solution preparation development services, the county board may establish procedures permitting other individuals compared to those identified in product a to assist in offering situation management services underneath the direction of a case manager just who meets the skills in product A. Before assisting the situation manager, anyone must complete 40 hours of learning instance management as well as the education and remedy for persons with developmental disability.

The county board shall establish a strategy for the instruction of situation supervisors and instance aides. The program must include at the very least 20 hours yearly in the area of instance management or developmental disability. Education and development tasks attended by the situation supervisors and case aides should be reported and continued file using the county.

Service authorization.

The county board shall determine the adequacy and quality of solutions offered to satisfy the person's needs on the basis of the price and effectiveness associated with services. The county board must not approve, offer, or pay money for solutions unless recognized as required when you look at the individual service plan, except in the case of crisis solutions.

Termination of case administration tasks.

A case supervisor retains obligation for supplying case management services on person until the duty for the county board is ended in accordance with products A to D or until the county board designates another case supervisor under subpart 2. The county board may terminate situation administration whenever:

the person or the person's legal representative makes a written request that case management and other services designed for the person be terminated, unless the case manager and the person's legal representative determine that case management must continue for the protection of the person;

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Source: www.revisor.leg.state.mn.us
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