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Azusa Pacific University is excited to announce your 2016-17 Student medical health insurance Plan (SHIP) are given by United medical and will also be provided for only $710 a semester. This price is far below that every other program available which contains an identical advantage bundle. For more information about SHIP, visit

APU requires all pupils to possess health insurance coverage to be able to minimize actual, mental, and financial strain that would be a consequence of a sickness or associated problem throughout the academic year. If you're currently included in an exclusive medical health insurance plan, you may possibly waive SHIP by following the process below. This needs to be done only once at the beginning of each academic college 12 months or springtime if entering APU as a freshman or as a transfer student.

We highly encourage you to definitely purchase SHIP if any of the after conditions apply:

  1. You do not have medical health insurance.
  2. You've got a private health insurance plan with a sizable allowable.
  3. Your home is outside Ca and have now a Medicaid plan of that condition, as it is very hard to get benefit protection in California.
  4. You have got an HMO with minimal benefits.

All HMO, federal, and state-sponsored programs should offer coverage when you look at the Southern California location within 120 miles of the Azusa university while pupils tend to be enrolled for courses. Those with Kaiser maybe not situated in Southern California should contact Kaiser to get a Southern California number.

You may begin trying to waive SHIP May 15 following the task below. When you yourself have maybe not waived it by Summer 2, the fee can look on your student account. When you yourself have not waived SHIP by September 9, you'll be enrolled in the program and may have the cost eliminated as long as you publish a petition that is accepted. A petition may be posted September 9-October 7. if you're just starting to learn at APU throughout the spring or summer time semesters, you could request a waiver during the early December.

Undergraduate Students

For autumn 2016, all undergraduate students enrolled in 7 or higher units and all worldwide students on APU I-20s or IAP-66s should be instantly enrolled in our beginner medical health insurance Arrange supplied by United Healthcare, unless they waive the master plan as stated above.

All undergraduate students can access the Student Health Center, although they opted out from the Student medical health insurance Plan. Regardless of much of your insurance coverage, there aren't any co-pays to see a provider at scholar Health Center, or even access our affordable services.

APU Beginner Health Insurance Plan Coverage

The Student medical health insurance Arrange given by United Healthcare offers extensive benefits that include preventative care services, doctor company visits, assessment visits, labs and x-rays, prescription medications, ambulance, disaster care, inpatient and outpatient psychological state solutions, inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, and hospital area and board.

Obtain the most permitted per plan year is endless. Services given by a favored Provider are usually covered at 80 percent, while solutions given by an Out-of-Network supplier are usually covered at 60 percent. Some services like lab, radiology, and doctor visits might covered at 100 % with a $25 copay. Out of pocket optimum is $2, 000 and emergency room copays are $50. A deductible of $150/illness is waived if seen on SHC.

Elective or preventative dental care solutions and elective attention treatment aren't covered, but a dental care plan is present for purchase through Gallagher Student wellness. See Dental Insurance for more information.

Beginner Medical Health Insurance Waiver Criteria

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